Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Race signups...

Signing up for a race makes it real and makes me start focusing on goals.

Today I signed up for two local 5ks - one in March, one in April. My 5k PR is 27:30ish (dont remember the exact number off the top of my head). Beating that is going to be tricky. If I do then yaaaa but Im not super stressed about it. My goal is to do both under 30 minutes :)

I also signed up for an all womens half marathon in April. This one I really went back and forth on. First, Im having a hard time mentally on increasing my mileage. Second, the timing is bad bad bad. It is the day before we leave for a trip. The next morning we have to be at the airport at like 4am. Insane. But I wanted to do it so I finally made up my mind to just do it. I think I might even get a hotel the night before - treat myself to a relaxing dinner and cuddle up with a book :) Its about an hour away and I hate waking up to drive the morning of the race.

So this week  I HAVE to get in a 7 mile run. Looks like it will be tomorrow and seeing that its supposed to rain - might be on the treadmill. BLAH. But it will get done!

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