Thursday, March 28, 2013

almost said screw it...

I havent posted in a long while. I had decided I just didn't have time to keep posting and I was going to let my blog die in the blogishere.

Since then Ive had some really good days and some really bad days health wise.

And I keep coming back here ... so here I am. Back again. I missed my outlet... yes a lot of it isn't what anyone will want to read but I have to remind myself I started this thing for me. As my health diary of sorts.

Its been a busy few weeks.

I have found a love for trail running. It is amazing and so much more fun then regular distance running. And one hell of a workout.

I have started p90x and while I really like it - it is very very time consuming. And I hate the leg workout!

And starting Monday I am partaking in an online bootcamp... hopefully the best $25 I have spent recently.

Hopefully you will see more post from me soon!

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