Friday, March 29, 2013

calorie counting is so frustrating!

Trying to figure out which formula to use to decide how many calories I should be eating daily is so frustrating.

Picking one calorie amount for each day regardless of workouts or lower daily goal with eating back workout calories?

And if I pick one set amount regardless of working out then do I make a change on my super long run days?

All the different formulas to figure out your TDEE.

Its really all over my head and so frustrating.

I  cant decide if Im going to try to stick to between 1500-1600 except on my days where I run >8 miles  and do 1800 or 2000 on those days. Or say 1200 and eat back 1/2 my workout calories. Knowing I get more calories because I worked out makes me want to get to the gym and makes me feel like I worked for and deserve what I eat. What to do, what to do.

I am officially back to logging every bite though - I know I need to. It is so hard to not say screw it or dont log x y, z... if you dont log it, it doesnt count right?

I worked out like crazy today to make up for the fact that I wanted to go to a local icecream place and try their MarySue Easter Egg Icecream... I want it SOOOO bad. But it didnt happen today. We opted for Mexican food instead. Still within my calories that I worked out for but WAY WAY more sodium. Not cool for the night before weigh in!

Ok off to bed early tonight - Im EXHAUSTED! Between spin class this morning and an almost 4 mile hike this afternoon Im pooped! 5k race in the morning.

My favorite picture from today...

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