Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time to kick it up a notch!

Dont get me wrong, I have been very happy to consistantly see the 160s on my scale. But seeing 169.4ish on the scale 3 weeks in a row has become a bit frustrating.

This week I'm pushing things into high gear - it is time to push into the mid 160s! So expect a ridiculous amount of post this week and I cheer myself on, vent my frustrations, whine, ect.

What I'm doing differently this week -

  1. Starting the morning off with 16 oz of water and being observant of my water intake through out the day. Lots and lots of water. 
  2. TRACK every single bite on my fitness pal (feel free to friend me Chrissyrn04 - thats a zero four)
  3. Start my morning off with some sort of cardio even if its only 20 minutes before work to get my metabolism in gear. 
  4. Plan my workouts and stick to them! 
  5. Pack my food for work and ONLY eat what I pack! 
  6. No eating out until weigh in on Saturday. 
  7. No alcohol - even at the award ceremony on Tuesday.
See nothing insane, nothing crazy... just focusing on the important stuff! 

My workouts planned for this week
Sunday - 20 min cardio intervals (sprinting, jumping jacks, weighted squats, hammer curls, pushups, plank)
Monday - chalean week 3 workout 1
Tuesday - 7-8 mile run
Wed - chalean week 3 workout 2, 30 min treadmill light run
Thur - 1 hour gym class workout, 30 min treadmill light run
Friday - spin class, chalean week 3 workout 3
Saturday - trail run with Laura

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