Friday, March 8, 2013

bootcamp? official tough mudder plan

I haven't posted in a bit - mainly because I haven't had much to say.  And if this post is boring or doesnt make much sense its because its not even 5am yet and baby girl decided we should be awake. Fun.

As for tough mudder - we opted to do Virginia Beach (or the one formally known as VA beach that is really 80 freaking miles away). We have a hotel room near the race site the night before then we are heading to the actual beach for Sat, Sun and Monday.  91 days until race day! Getting excited!

As for half training - its coming along. I met with a new running pal and did just shy of 7 miles. Need to knock out 8 miles this coming week. I have missed running with someone. Its so much easier, goes by so much faster and its nice to have someone to talk to again while Im running!

As for weight training - Im in a funk right now. I was doing chalean extreme but Im bored of it. My TM training buddy is about to start p90x and not sure 100% on how I feel about that yet, or the cost of that. In the mean time Ive signed up for the online Best Body Bootcamp that starts April 1st. I felt like it was a good idea even to just get some new workout ideas.

Like I said - nothing new or interesting to say :) But I am here and still working towards a healthier me.

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