Wednesday, July 10, 2013

some hope...

For the first time in probually almost a year I feel hopeful regarding my health and fitness. I feel in control again - FINALLY.

I made the plunge to jump back into weight watchers online. I have a work friend doing it too to hold me accountable and vise versa. My first weigh in on Sunday was 171.8.

This time around I have made myself a few promises.

First - honesty. NO LYING to myself... it doesnt work! If it goes in my mouth then I need to claim it! If I have a bad day I do NOT restart my points, I do NOT stop tracking for the week, I do NOT say screw it and eat everything in sight!

Second, no working the plan. When I did weight watchers last time I became a pro at working the system. I would barely eat any salt the day before a weigh in and tons of water. I would have a good weigh in and then binge when I left the scale. Back to the first promise... honesty, accountability.

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  1. Welcome back, I also have just come back after way too long of not being on top of things. Keep at it!