Wednesday, October 25, 2017


So far the only thing that has happened consistently is logging on here but its a start!

The other start is my weekly weigh in ... WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY

I typically have an issue with scales and weigh in daily - Im going to really try not to do it only weekly. Plus weekly photos and weigh in's.

So here goes...

Todays weigh in is my new starting point - sad but true. Its where I am right now. Only going down from here!!!  Don't I have just the prettiest bathroom floor ever... yuck.

And the starting off photos - wow this one is HARD. I hope having these here weekly shows me progress and makes posting these horrible photos worth it! 


Chest 47 in
Abdomen 44in
Hips 49 in
R bicept 14in
Right thigh 28 1/2
Right calf 17
Neck 14 3/4

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