Monday, November 6, 2017

Its been a good day :)

Its been a pretty good day -

Started off with me getting kids on bus and heading back to bed until 1030... it was magical :)

Then got my butt up and headed to the gym - got my first training run of 1.5 miles done and some weight training.

Slow but steady

And then my favorite part of planet fitness!

Then the day was spent cleaning up the house, meal prepping, helping my cousin study for an exam, and took the dog for a walk.

Followed by kids being home and homework, reading, site words, robotics, dinner and some trampoline time with the little one - boy is that a workout.

I picked today to be my accountability day and log everything. Make sure a normal day is where I need it to be - I rocked it! Trying to keep total carbs under 50 and net carbs under 20. My calories were in range. I got my water in today. I worked out.

My poor dog cant catch a break from the kitten. She insist on sleeping with the dog and being with her all the time. My Gracie is a happy dog so her tail is always wagging... which the cat thinks is her personal toy...

And then the 11 year old asked to watch "Space Balls" - yes space balls... apparently its what all the 6th grade boys were talking about. So Im off to curl up and watch a cheesy ass movie with my boy :)

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