Wednesday, November 15, 2017

loss but a slow down

I am a bit bummed this morning - todays weigh in was 207.4. Down 0.6 lbs this week.

Some stats from this week

  • 1 day I lost it and at a ridiculous amount of halloween candy, cereal and toast in the evening
  • 1 day I ate "off"plan as scheduled
  • I tracked my food 3 of the days this week
  • One of the days I tracked I was WAY over on fat and minimal protein
  • One of the days I tracked I was double my normal carbs
  • I completed 2/3 of my planned runs, 1/2 weight training days and no yoga. 
So while technically I lost weight this week - what I was doing wasnt working. But also what I was doing wasn't really what I should have been doing. 

What am I going to do different this week?
1. Im tracking every day this week. 
2. Goal to be within my macros 100% for 5 days
3. My off meals that will not be CRAZY off - wednesday dinner out with family and saturday dinner out with my mom. 
4. No night binges 
5. Get all my planned workouts in - 3 runs, 2 weight training days and one yoga day
6. Minimal 5 days this week of interm fasting with eat timing from noon to 8pm. 

What macros am I aiming for?

Calories 1377
Protein 72
Fat 62-138
net carbs 20

Where did I get this from?

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