Saturday, September 19, 2009

todays challange

Tonight is a much needed girls night out for a late dinner. I planned it and even picked the place. Well yesterday I went and looked at the nutritional info for this particular restaurant and wanted to scream. Yes I know I will be going over my points for the day but I wanted to do it responsibly, you know? Chicken wings were 2000 cal with 125g of fat! A salad with NO dressing had 50g of fat. NOTHING was less than 18 points except the soup! and I know I want to have a few beers.

Its just one meal why do I care? I tend to go off WW for a dinner out that quickly morphs into a full out week or two week binge with multiple meals out. Then doing well last week will mean nothing. Im almost scared of food!

So I have requested a different place to eat... hopefully the girls dont mind.

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