Thursday, November 12, 2009


Only my clumsy ass can give myself a black eye! I had a coughing fit getting out of the car and hit my eye on the corner of my eye. Cut a small hole in my eye lid, bled, and my eye ball is sore! I will have one heck of a black eye tomarrow! Which is going to look great when I go to interview for a new job!

Im doing good food wise. I have the munchies right now really bad and so I gave in to 3 points worth - 1/2 serving of peanut butter on light toast and a cup of hot tea. Im not allowing myself to have anything else! Today I was so proud of myself - I went to panera today with R and didnt endulge. Instead I had a cup of fruit and a coffee and made myself breakfast when I got home. Then I had school and stayed extra through dinner - I had a subway sub, apples and water for dinner instead of all the goodies I would have rather had. Yaa me! I wanted a sweet with coffee at class, I looked at everything in the coffee shop. I was willing to splurge with 160 calories, but no luck. No wonder im fat... the smallest itsie brownie was 280! and it was TINY. So instead I ate the orange I brought with me.

Im alittle worried about friday and saturday. Tomarrow Im working night shift which makes me awake more than normal and sometimes I eat to stay awake on night shift. SO im going to have to pack lots of low point snacks. Then Sat I will be VERY tired and its hard to focus the way I normally would and Im going out to dinner with friends and our boys. Wish me luck!

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