Saturday, November 14, 2009

night shift

so my night shift is going well. Its now 545am, Im sooooo ready to go home but other than that it is going well...

BUT it started off pretty rocky. I went to leave my house at 545 last night and my battery was DEAD (I left my damn lights on!) and if I wasnt in such a rush then it would have been hilareous to see Racheal and I trying to jump start my car. Thank goodness for a great friend. Not only did she watch my kid overnight so I could work, she even lent me her car to get to work since of course we couldnt get my car started and the fates were aligned on friday the 13th because my SUV is in the shop getting the check engine light thing checked out...of course! BUT I got to work.

I did NOT order chinese with the rest of the group. Only enjoyed 2 pieces of chocolate and have a ton of my food left over - I will be fine for points today, I was worried. I didnt drink ANY water tonight though - lots of coffee and diet pepsi... but its my first night shift in a year and I needed to boost!

I didnt work out today - I meant to but it didnt happen and my hamstrings are soooo tight. Not a clue how I will feel after only sleeping 4 hours today - we will see.

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