Friday, February 19, 2010

Day five of the 5lb challange week

Today was a GREAT day! I got up and had an amazing run on the treadmill, boy was I a sweaty mess. Then went sledding with hubby and little man - which was a workout within itself walking back up that hill over and over. Then a healthy soup only lunch at panera (I will get back to this) followed by manicures and pedicures with my awesome friend. Then dinner at home with the inlaws and when Im signed off here, a movie with my hubby... I have had a BIG smile on my face ALL day - its been great. Only better if I would have gotten some studying in... tomarrow will be study day - in addition to making a cake and dinner for my moms bday....

Ok back to Panera. I love me some panera. My old go to meal was a pick two with brocoli cheddar soup and a panini with a hunk of bread slathered in butter, medium soda and a big old cookie when I was done... It was very yummy and I liked it alot. Unfortinately that is no more, I can only imagine the points in that meal... my guess is 4 for the soup, 8 for the 1/2 panini, 6 for the hunk of bread and butter, 4 for the soda and 8-10 for the giant cookie. Probually between 20-30 points... for ONE MEAL. I get 28 points a day! Todays lunch consisted of a large bowl of VERY yummy veggie soup (2 points) and a small apple (1) with a free glass of water with lemon. What a difference that makes!

730 coffee
9am egg on muffin with cheese 4 points
11am fiber one bar 2 points
1 pm Panera 3 points
330pm fiber one bar 2 points
6pm baked breaded chicken, 1/2 cup mac and cheese, brocoli, zucchini 12 points
total 23
I will have a snack in alittle bit during the movie and then Im done for the night.

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