Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day four of the five lb challange week...

750am -
Im annoyed this morning. Today is day two of not being able to wake up and get working out. I dont know why my sleepy self has such a problem with this! I am getting enough sleep - 7 to 8 hours - I have slept in my work out clothes, I put my alarm all the way acrossed the room. Yet I cant shake the dream like state in the am and actually get up. My sleepy self talks me into resetting the alarm or turning it off until G wakes up. Then when I get up I am so made at myself. If I was off it wouldnt be a big deal, I just go workout as soon as I get up. But NO I worked yesterday and again today. I have a narrow window of time before G wakes up and the chaos of trying to get us both out of the house starts. My goal today is again do alot of stairs at work and try to get in a 30 min walk in at a steep incline when I get home. Tomarrow and Sat I am off so I should be able to get great workouts in - maybe I should even do double work outs to make up for the last two days. On a postive note, food wise Im doing GREAT this week!

1115am -

I dont have a patient yet so I have some down time. I just wanted to post that I had someone come up to me and tell me they noticed I have lost weight... what a GREAT thing to hear! I just realized as I sit here that I actually "feel" smaller now. My step is lighter, my clothes fit better. I feel SO much better. I have felt like this before, what I dont understand is how - knowing that this feels SO SO SO much better - how is it that in the past I have stopped and felt like crud again?

This morning at work I took the stairs to the 8th floor to check in at the nursing office - by the time I got to the top I was sweating and very out of breath... you should have seen the secretary when I went to check in and had to sit for a minute and catch my breath - they thought I was dying. It was kind of funny :)


730am coffee, egg on muffin with slice of cheese 4 points
1130am fiber one bar 2 points
2pm Veggie stuff 5 points
5pm cottage cheese doubler 3 points
7pm apple, carrots 1 point
8pm chocolate kisses 1 point
9pm salmon and mashed potatoes 8 points
total 24points

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