Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day three of the 5lb week challange


Im alittle peeved with myself - I didnt get up to work out AGAIN. After yesterdays blah workout I just couldnt get motivated to get out of bed. Once Im out of bed Im fine but I cant seem to get moving. I have tried and tried to enlist my husband to help - telling him to pull me out of bed, do NOT leave work until Im physically out of our bedroom and moving. But, he says that I tell him to reset the alarm or what ever in the am... I tell him to ignore what I say, Im NOT AWAKE! But he doesnt. So now I wont be able to get a formal workout in today - I work 10am to 10pm and I have to get G to daycare before my one hour commute... busy busy. I will strive to take the stairs every where today and try to get some pushups and situps done when I get home before bed.

I have packed my entire days food before I went to bed last night. I will post my food journal later. Based on what I packed, I have 6 points left over for the day - I may treat myself to one SMALL cookie or a small vanilla soft serve cone ... maybe not, not sure.

There are pistatio cracker things in the break room. I had 6... I need to back away from the bag. They are 15 for 3 points so it hasnt undone me since I had 6 extra points. but I want to eat and eat and eat them. They are salty and so so yummy... I just finished lunch, about to have a large water.

Food Journal
730am 1 whole egg, 1 egg white on english muffin 3 points
10am coffee with skim milk and splenda with fiber
1pm 6 crackers, sandwich, apple 7 points
330pm cottage cheese doubler 3 points
6pm sandwich 4 points
7pm carrots 0 points
830pm fake lasanga 4-5 points
930 yogurt 2 points
total 24 points...

Im alittle worried that I am under my points every day. I know there is a chance that Im right on since I may be underestimating my points but I try to over estimate for that reason. And today I didnt eat bites of anything that I didnt account for.

This morning I weighed myself ... yes I know its not monday and I SHOULD NOT BE WEIGHING myself EVERY DAY! But I couldnt help it. It was 180.5... Im not counting that yet, not until Monday. But if that is really my weight, not just a false low... Im freaking excited!

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