Monday, February 15, 2010

Day one of the 5lb challange week...

So day one is almost done - I think some people may think Im crazy trying REALLY hard to loser 5lbs this week. And they may be right. I will be bummed if it doesnt happen but I have faith in myself and it can happen... so Im trucking along.

So I got my workout in this am, I may or may not try to get a second workout in tonight. I havent decided yet. Tomarrow is a double workout day - running in the am and my swim class in the evening.

Have easily stayed within my 28 daily points. I have 7 or 8 still left. I may use 5 of those tonight for a snack and assume the other three will fit into a miscalculated bite here and there. I made a surprising filling and yummy dinner tonight...

So so yummy - and one of my favorite places to find healthy recipes, and most kid tested.

I drank my water - I took my vitamin.

I waited alittle too long to eat lunch - I was trying to get the sauce started for dinner - so I was starving by the time lunch came. I dont want to get to that point. I did the right thing though. I drank a full glass of water before eating and made myself wait til my food was ready - no snacking. And wait a full 20 min after to see if I was still hungry. Which I wasnt.

My newest favorite go to lunch is morning star spicy black bean burgers.... yummy!

Until tomarrow - tomarrow is a HUGE study day with my study partner, 8 hours or so of studying. I will NOT eat out of tiredness and boredom and bad examples from others!

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