Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day two of the 5lb challange week...

Today is day two of my goal 5lbs this week. I will try to keep all post from today into this one post and just edit it as the day goes by.

I didnt get up in time to run this morning. I think I stayed up too late last night. I went to bed at 10 but I was starting to feel tired earlier and I should have just went to bed. So when my alarm went off at 6am I was dreaming about visiting Kathy in Hawaii and couldnt get out of bed.. couldnt shake the dream. So I got up alittle after 7 - but Gavin gets up at 730 and will freak if he couldnt find me. I have to have him settled at Racheals and back by 9 for my study group so it wont fit in... uhhhh... and I know this sounds like excuses. But I cant run any other time today. My study group wont be over until 3ish. I have to have Gavin dressed and ready for pics at 415. Then swim class at 630. I cant run right before or after swimming because I wont be able to walk! They have to spread out or they kill me and I dont do well in what ever I do second.

So I will get 60 min of workout in today and I will make sure I push myself the most I can for the full 60 min. What ever muscle group she doesnt do, I will do at home. I cant do it before because I dont know what she will target this week.

I read something helpful on a fellow CM's blog today


It gave great tips on trully watching what goes in your mouth. This was a big part of what I needed to do when I started. Its amazing how fast calories add up if you are not paying attention and also how shocking how fast they add up on things you dont really need to add to your meal, that you wont even notice a difference taste wise if it was gone. What also struck me was what she said about a "cheat" day. I know from personal experience that I dont do well on cheat days when I allow them. I dont listen to my bodies cues - I try to eat every single thing I have been missing that week in one day. I probually consume triple my normal calories - and what does that do to my weight loss... massively stalls it! I also have a problem not cheating the next day and the day after - it almost becomes a cheat week, that leads to a cheat month and regain of all my weight. That is what I normally do... so lets pass on the cheat days. When Im at goal maybe there will be a place for it but not right now.

745 pm
Its been a busy day. Unfortinately my swim class got canceled tonight. I ate a snack on my way to get G's pics done and was gone WAY longer than I planned. Of course I didnt pack a healthy snack in the car and I caved for a Auntie Annes pretzel. I ate 3 bites of it and handed it to Gavin. I decided to get a long run in since I didnt get either of the workouts I planned. It didnt go so well either. I planned to walk 5 min, run 25 min and then do some sprints. I have alot of excuses to put here, like my back hurt and Im still hungry and blah blah blah but the truth is my mind won. So I ran about 8 min and just didnt want to run anymore. I tried to salvage what I could though. I got off the treadmill and did free weights biceps then jumped back on the treadmill and ran at 7mph for a minute and got off and did tri's then back on for a few more min then walked uphill for a bit then got off. I ended up doing 30 min and sweated and kept my heart rate up but nothing like I normally do. Im about to eat dinner now. Just trying to cool off first.

Todays Food Journal
0730 2 cups of coffee with fat free creamer and splenda with fiber O points

0930 1 egg, 1 egg white on a low cal english muffin 3 points

1pm panera bread 1/2 cobb salad with NO dressing, small cup of chicken noodle soup, and a small apple. Estimated 9 points

330pm fiber one bar 2 points

6pm couple bites of pretzel estimated points 3

630pm fiber one bar 2 points

8pm speghetti squash and zucchini casserole with sandwich thin toasted 6 points

25 total - that leaves 3 points if Im in massive need of some fruit or yogurt or something but Im aiming to save those in case I underestimated something.

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