Monday, February 8, 2010

A new monday - A new vision

It has NOT been a good weekend. I was prisioner of the hospital from friday morning until Sunday night. The joys of being a nurse during a blizzard!

I could have made better choices but I didnt. I had pancakes, cake, dessert, bar food, beer... I had a good time, I bonded with my coworkers. But I could have made better choices. It is over now. It is what it is.

NORMALLY this is my M.O. that sets me over the edge. I am not "good" for a few days - which turns into a week. And then I keep talking myself into one more day of being bad then another - until I have gained all my weight back and Im miserable and feel horrible until I start things again.

NOT THIS TIME! Trust me I want to - I have thought about it alot this morning. It would make this week easier - I could make a yummy bday cake for myself today with Gavin. I could have a super nonhealthy yummy dinner out with my BFF for my bday tomarrow and a few margaritas! But that would turn into the entire week and I would feel miserable. I like the feel I have had the past few weeks - I have had more energy and Im smiling more and I am actually proud of myself. I want to keep that feeling.

So I have made the conscious decision to put the weekend behind me. To make a yummy HEALTHY bday dinner and dessert tonight. Go out for a healthy dinner with my BFF. Get a great workout in (didnt do that all weekend either) and make a gigantic snow man outside with my wonderful son that I missed SOOOOO much this weekend!

On a side note - need to share how adorable my son is. Last night when I picked him up from my moms he wouldnt let go of me - I got TONS of hugs and kisses and my more favorite comments
"Mommy Im so lucky to have you"
"Mommy I love you BUNCHES"
"Mommy thank you for helping people in the snow"
WOW I love him!!! He can be SOOOO sweet and surprisingly old for his 3 years of life sometimes.

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