Sunday, March 28, 2010

great productive day!!!

I have had the BEST day today - it has been VERY productive!

Once I got up and moving, I went down stairs and got my work out in. I ran one "lap" on the treadmill then jumped off and did back and shoulders, ran a lap then did bi's and tri's, did a lap and did squats, did a lap and did abs... and I was SO proud of myself that I was able to do some of the ab exercises that I wasnt really able to do a in the past few weeks with the trainer.

I went to Rachaels for dinner - hadnt been there in forever!

Came home and handled one of my biggest stressors lately - my bedroom. It was ANYTHING BUT relaxing and comfortable. It was a MESS - clothes everywhere, complete chaos. So I spent HOURS cleaning it, putting clothes away, rearranged the furniture. SO much better.

And I got rid of ALL of my size 16 clothes - GONE and I never ever want to see them again!!!

I am super excited about joining the gym on tuesday - already made my first class plans with a friend ... 1015am pilates!

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