Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just thats me... laughing... hahahahahahaha

Laughing at myself! Here I thought I was really getting in shape. I though "hell I can run 3 miles, I am becoming a runner, an athlete"....hahahahaha... NOT

Today I got my butt kicked. I decided I need to tone up so I had a physical trainer come to my house and work me out for an hour. I asked her to do it almost bootcamp style. I asked her to push me... turns out she didnt have to push that hard. Between my hard breathing, grunting and dripping sweat I think I may have even scared her - I think she may have thought "wow this girl is out of shape, hope she doesnt have a heart attack". I had to use super small weights and the bosu ball is now not a friend of mine. I thought the bosu ball would be easy.... again... laughing...hahahaha.

But on the plus side - I had a great workout for me. I sweated like a pig. I got my heart rate up for an hour. My arms and legs are jelly and my abs feel like someone punched me... shocking but all of that feels GREAT. I think that having her help once or twice a week will really give me the push I need. And maybe, just maybe in a month or two I can do the full fast bootcamp style workout I wanted to begin with. I can make my trainer think "wow I shaped her into something great"... I want to be the after shot of a before and after fitness overhaul.

So yes Im laughing, but I will be laughing all the way to the new me!

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  1. Good luck on your exam this week sweetie! you are doing so amazing- I am so impressed with how well you are doing. It took me 2 months to lose 10 lbs so your goals are really inspiring. Bootcamp here you come!