Thursday, March 11, 2010

S & S

Yup thats me today - S & S (sore and stressed!)

For the sore part - I knew it was coming but wow... I am SORE. My chest, underarms, and my entire legs are sore. Its a good sore but still sore. Will be fun trying to workout through it today and tomarrow.

So the stressed part... OMG my test is TOMARROW! WOW I wanted it to be here so much but then it came and it came fast! I have been studying - alot and I hope its enough. I feel like I have a grasp on most of it. Last night Katie called me to quiz me on gastrointestinal disorders and management. Stupid me went into my room where it was quieter and layed on the bed to go through it - about 20 min into it I almost fell asleep! I had to say you know what Im done. Thanked her, said goodnight to Eric and headed to bed at 9pm. That is very early for me! Shockingly I woke up 5 min before my alarm went off at 6am... that never happens. So I am enjoying some coffee, talking to you all then will get in the shower and get moving.

Plan for the day
  • Head to school by 730, do some major library time until about 3 or 330pm. I need to cover shock, glaucoma, cateracts, health promotion and I need to rego over pulmonary, endocrine, heart valve disorders/murmers, GI/GU, and STD's... seriously I was gagging as I went over the discharge on STDs yesterday - ewww!
  • Pack my lunch and snacks to take with me and if its as pretty as they say then lunch will also include alittle walk around the city.
  • Tonight my entire goal is to RELAX... When I get home I am planning to play with my little man, jump on the trampoline, go out for the best pizza ever (La Cucina....yummmmm), have a great glass of wine or a beer, bubble bath, back rub and bed early.
  • Tomarrow I have to be there at 1230, its about an hour away. So I think I will get up early, go for a run in the rain, head down there around 9ish and have breakfast all by myself, briefly go over my notes then go in and PASS MY EXAM!!!

Oh and bonus - my naked post pee weight this morning was 176.5.... I have not seen that weight in YEARS!

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