Saturday, March 13, 2010

Im back!

So first off I passed my exam! I was sooooo nervous! About half way through the exam I had to go and get some water and try not to hyperventilate. I didnt think it was going well. I didnt think I passed when I was done... but I did. I am officially an NP! WOOHOO! So now the wait for the board of nursing to grant me the go ahead and the hospital to grant me privilages. More hurry up and wait. But Im excited - for the most part. Now everything else has kicked in though - now I am going to have to leave my comfort zone and go back to being a novice which is very scary.

I have also gone back off the deep end. I havent worked out since my trainer worked me out - not once in 3 days! I told myself I was going to run yesterday before my test but went out to breakfast instead. I was going to get up this morning but I just cant get up and workout at 430 am... I keep trying but I cant. I also have eaten like a big. Thur I went out to dinner, fri out to breakfast and fastfood for lunch. Today they brought me in bagels to celebrate my passing. I need to get back on track!

I am one extreme to the other. I either am a crazy healthy person that annoys those around me or I am a grazing pig that goes massively overboard. I cant seem to find a healthy happy balance. I am terrified when its time for me to go into maintenence mode.

Now that Im done studying, I think I need to get the rest of my life in order. I think it will help me with everything else... I need to get my house clean, my piles of clothes dealt with, my car clean. I need to declutter my life, I think it will help.


  1. Woo Hoo! Congrats on the test! When you're done decluttering your life you can feel free to work on mine.