Sunday, March 14, 2010


Why is weight loss so hard when gaining it is soooo easy???

If you couldnt tell from recent post, I have been slacking a bit. I have been eating crap, drinking practically NO water and not exercising for about 4 days now and I feel GROSS. I am not sure what started it - the stress from exam, starting my period, or just because but I do know it needs to end.

Its interesting that when you eat healthily - get all of your colors in, natural ingredients, no processed foods, water... you feel so much better. Your mood is better, your skin feels better, your nails look better. EVERYTHING is better. And eating crud makes you feel like crap but you keep eating it and it doesnt even taste that good and you keep eating it and feel more like crud which makes you keep eating it... its a BAD cycle and it sucks.

So this morning I got up and had my one cup of coffee and made a green monster smoothie to drink on my way into work, got a few funny stares when I got here but oh well... I just had my oatmeal. I want junk - my body is craving it by my brain is not giving in.

Oh and I know I needed a kick in the butt to get motivated so I stepped on the scale today - a day early. I know I have taken in alot of sodium and its that time of the month so Im fluid retaining anyways but I have also eaten like a pig - and I was WAY up on weight! 181! I lost my under 180 pride!

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