Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tomarrow is the day...

So tomarrow is it - all the studying, all the time hopefully will be worth it :)

I was sort of proud of myself today. First I got a bit of solid studying done at the school library. Then I decided I need to relax. I came home, took a quick 45 min nap and then played like crazy with my 3 year old (he insisted on playing Army, not my favorite but told me "Mommy we can play ponies next time if you want"... love him!), then went to dinner with my hubby and kid. Enjoyed pizza, a beer, some chocolate... it was awesome. Over the calorie count but who cares its just one day. Then watched tv with my love.

SO I am officially relaxed. I know it will go away the second I try to lay down for the night. Tomarrow I will be a mess but right now I am ok.

Tomarrows plan -
1. Wake up around 7 or 730 and get a run in.
2. Head down to Columbia early, find a diner and get a decent breakfast in, some last minute note look over then...

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