Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sucked it up....

Today was suck it up day...

1. I sucked it up and went OUTSIDE in the cold and had an amazing 2 mile run - probually could have went for three but my dog was being a PITA. It felt AWESOME to run outside again!

2. I sucked it up and called the people that decide when I can take my certification exam for my nurse practitoner licence. They still technically had 2 more weeks to get back to me but I wanted to know NOW... so fearing they would tell me to quit calling, I called anyways and was SOOO happy I did. I have been approved to take the exam and the women gave me a confirmation # so that I could schedule my appointment for my exam without the letter. So I am officially taking my exam a week from Friday on March 12th. Now it is real and it is soooo scary! Alot depends on this exam. So I took off work all next week and while I have been studying quite a bit, I have kicked it up a notch.

3. I sucked it up and realized I need some help in the fitness department and while money is alittle tight, my health and happiness is just as important as anything else. SOOOO next week I have a personal trainer (THANKS SHANNON) coming to my house to kick my ass! I am so excited!!!

I am also excited about today - I am about to spend some fun quality time with my little man when he wakes up from his nap. Sometimes I LOVE my life!!!

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