Monday, April 26, 2010

500 calories...

I just completed my first 500 calorie workout! WOOHOO!

My workout goal/challange is to burn 500 calories each workout day with a minimum of 4 workouts each week. Doing weights does not count towards the 500... it has to be cardio. No that doesnt mean that Im skimping on the weights but that will be in addition to the 500 calorie cardio burn. Yes I know that the weigh calculators are not accurate. I dont care... its just something to have as my goal. If I do not have the time to get 500 calories in at one time then it can be spread out thru out the day. For example if I run in the am and burn approx 300 calories then in the afternoon I have to do something to burn minimally another 200.

Today it took me 56 min on the treadmill to burn 500 calories. I could have done it alot sooner but I couldnt get into a running grove to really run a straight long distance - I dont run well in the evening. SO I ran a lap, then walked fast at an incline for a lap and repeated over and over until I got to 500. I was a sweaty mess... it was awesome!

So does anyone want to take me up on this challange this week?

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