Saturday, April 10, 2010

a great day

A great day and Im in a GREAT mood - its crazy how good mood days lead to more and more good mood days. Yes I know the opposite is true and when I get in a funk then Im in a funk for days and days but right now I am flying high with happiness, hope, pride... I feel amazing!

So I actually got up when I tried to this morning - I had some WEIRD dreams last was out there. I was a car, my mom was a bus overflowing. She kept telling me that she once she lost weight that we would find out it wasnt excess weight making her big but maybe that she had another little car in her... she was elluding that she was preggo - my 50 year old mother. Yes I know this is probually because everyone known to man seems preggo right now but me. Yesterday at work 2 other women announced their pregnancys... yes I wish it was me, no we arent trying. Then in my dream there was a huge accident that we had to go around and there was a severed head in the road that we almost ran over and I was screaming bloody murder in my dream when I woke up... WEIRD.

Anyways Im up, breakfast already eaten, coffee drank. Im about to go buy my gym clothes on and hit the gym. Im aiming for a 1 mile run, 2 miles of speed work intervals, my spin class, upper body weights and abs. I will be a sweaty mess - it will be AWESOME!

Then I plan to come home and take a shower - run to target and the grocery store and then NAP ... then up and getting ready for an evening out with Rach... great day!

I am feeling alittle guilty about not seeing hubby lately - right now it feels like we are on two different tracks that are parrallell but just not crossing. We just havent connected in a while - I miss him. I think we need some alone time big time. I think end of May we are going to Jersey to see my SIL and I might ask if she can keep G overnight so E and I can stay at a nice hotel and go out to dinner ect. We need to reconnect.

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