Saturday, April 10, 2010

size 12 baby!!!

I bought my first pair of size 12 pants today!!!! OMG I was so so so excited - I has almost in tears in the dressing room and I had to tell the cashier and I had to call everyone that matters. WOW!

I only took the 12 in with me to the fitting room, I wanted to see and it fit perfectly! Not tight or anything!!! Coming from a girl that had tight size 16's on 3 months ago - I couldnt be happier!

So I am psyched!

So tonight is gals night - I still dont 100% know what Im going to wear but yaaa
1. I fit great in a silk dress that I havent worn since my ex best friends graduation
2. the skirt I wanted to wear was too big!

sooo on a not so good note -
I just got a phone call from my soon to be new job talking about my schedule. I think Im walking into a bit of a mess that I didnt really know about. I thought I was replacing someone who had chosen to leave the company but it appears I have been hired to replace someone that is being pushed out. Someone who is pretty loved by the staff there and that I has huge shoes that I as a newbie will be struggling to fill. I worry about my relationship with the staff, the other midlevels and the docs. I hope they know that I am in no way a part of the situation - I was just offered a job that seemed like a great opportunity. Im worried.

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