Thursday, May 13, 2010

awesome spin/sickingly happy/no meds

I had an AMAZING spin workout today! I didnt want to go. I was tired and blah but Im so glad I did. My favorite instructor tought the class. She is such an amazing ball of energy. You can tell she LOVES what she does and really wants you to love it too. She pushes me to push faster, keep a higher gear and never give up. Not to mention she has the body I want.... does that sound weird? I dont care.

Once I get to the 150s I think Im going to readd some personal training sessions 2 times a week as my gift to myself for hitting the 150s. I need to book the massage for getting into the 160s still - although Im thinking of getting some spin bike shoes instead :) I love spinning!

I think Im going to take a quick nap now that G is down. Then I promised E I would clean out the fridge... fun fun. Then if it stays no rain we will head outside for some family play time, maybe take a bike ride, cook dinner on the grill. I love these kind of days.

I need to end the day doing some work related stuff - but I like that too :)

Sorry Im so sickingly happy... I hope this keeps up...

I stopped taking my antidepressant 2 weeks ago. Im alittle nervous about it but I HATE taking pills and I HATE relying on meds to make me feel better. Granted I loved the side effects of wellbutrin - expecially the hunger suppressant but I dont think I need it. I think my lifestyle is helping the neurotransmitters and I dont need to rely on pills. Granted I have warned my hubby and closest friends to be on the lookout and let me know if they think Im slipping back.

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