Tuesday, May 18, 2010

day two started ok.... then not so much.

I started day two off STRONG. Food was planned and great. Planned to get a great run in tonight. Then I very easily got talked into going out to dinner. Mexican. Cheese, greasy meat, fried tortilla chips. NOT good. Expecially when I planned a huge salad with chicken and rice.

Now my stomach is KILLING me. I still need to get the run in but blah I dont wanna and technically I failed my challange less than 48 hours after starting it.

Well you know what? Im giving myself a one time pass and this evening was it. As long as I stay true to the challange and grow a bit of a decision making back bone for the rest of the week ... I still deserve the darn massage!

SO Im letting my stomach settle then heading to watch biggest loser on the tread mill.

Tomarrow is a new day!

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