Tuesday, May 18, 2010

day two - take two...

Ok lets retry todays post - it was alittle pitiful. Yes, I planned well. Yes it didnt go as I planned. Yes I gave in and felt horrible about it BUT I didnt let it take over the rest of my day. I didnt give in and sit on my ass and watch tv and eat more junk to make me feel worse.

I went into the bedroom and got my workout gear on and I hit the treadmill. I got in a solid hard sweaty 45 min run in... even though my stomach feels blah - Im gassy (tmi I know) but I pushed through and Im proud of myself.

Let me back up a second though - I need new workout gear! My pants were practically falling off as I ran and a t-shirt that fit me nicely last summer is hanging on me - massively baggy on my arms, around my neck and entire body. It is amazing but I dont feel cute AT ALL in baggy clothes so I think I need a workout shopping trip - even if its just to walmart or target.

So I want an evening snack - Im thinking a handful of rasberries and half a banana. yummy!

So tomarrow is a new day and Im going into it a much better happier more centered person. Going to hit the gym in the am. See my hubby for a few short hours and then get 8 hours of work in.

I love me and I am worth it. I need to start being nicer to me... I love me and I deserve to show my self love, respect and understanding. Dont forget this!

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