Monday, June 21, 2010


So today is a beginning to another week - my first week with a full training program planned. I needed the push to get my mind past this weekend where it appears I couldnt stop eating!

So this morning I got myself out of bed and headed right down stairs to the gym... much better way to start the day.

This weeks training plan...
Monday - strenth training, squats
Tuesday - spin class, squats
Wednesday - 2.5 mile run/squats
Thursday - spin class/squats
Friday - 1.5 mile run/strength training/squats
Sat - 2.5 mile run/squats

Im starting to hate squats... but I did sign up for the 100 squats a day challange and you know how much I love a challange. Not to mention I love the way my hiney is lookings...

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