Sunday, July 4, 2010

a better day today...

While I had a GREAT day yesterday - fabulous, wonderful, happy day with my family. A family day that was MUCH needed... I did crappy in the eating department. Yesterdays meals included pizza, sausage with peppers, fries, funnel cake, icecream. Yes BAD.

Today I NEED to be better on the eating department. I work out great - its my diet that is hurting my weight loss efforts. Today will be a slight challange because we have planned gordgonzola burgers and my goat cheese pasta dish for lunch today - about 10 points total so I need to make sure I only eat that much serving wise and make some veggies to fill up on and take it easy the rest of the meals today.

I also have an issue that once I know Im going OVER then I just stop journalling so I dont know HOW far Im over.

My goals this week - stay within in my daily points every day for the rest of the week.
2.My workout schedule this week is set... and to stick to it!
3.NO weighing myself until next saturday!

Here is my workout schedule this week
Sunday - run 1 mile, full upper body and abs workout
Monday - run 3 miles before work
tuesday - cross train with spinning
wed - run 3 miles before work
thur - cross train spinning with full upper body and abs workout
friday - rest day
saturday - run 3 miles before work

Initially I put 2 miles on my schedule to run but I easily ran 3 miles yesterday so I might as well push myself to 3 miles every day - next week I need to up the mileage :( I am scared to up mileage.

Here is to a good week!

Im glad I came one here and posted - after splurging yesterday, I had the mentality this morning - fuck it... lets go out to breakfast. It could have easily turned into a week long binge! But no my foot is down, my head is clear... I can do this!

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