Saturday, July 3, 2010

great family day!

Im having a great day - minus the sucky weigh in... Met up with Nicole and had a great run this morning ... so glad to have a new running friend! She rocks! We have decided to make this a 100% family day. We have decided to do fireworks tonight in North east since E has to work tomarrow for firework patrol. We are about to head to the pool and aim to be there til about 2 so G will go down for a late long nap so that he can make it tonight - fireworks are way past bed time. The only sucky part of it being a huge family day is we are missing Joshua's bday party - there are just not enough hours in the day... If we go then the entire night will be off and sucky since G will be a crank butt. I hope Sandi understands - we need to get together more... I miss her :) Why does life have to be so busy? On a side note my butt HURTS from the squat challange... HURTS! Today wont be a great day food wise but its the beginning of the week so I have some extra points available. We are going to order pizza for lunch and making burgers for dinner - they back to staying within my daily points every day. _________________________ Update - had a GREAT night! We napped until 530pm! Then headed down to north east where we had a ball! Oh and here is a movie of Gavin from the pool today... all of a sudden he decided he didnt need swimmies on anymore and could swim! I was SHOCKED!

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