Monday, July 12, 2010

great day!

Today was a good day. After not getting my morning run in, I was alittle bummed but Rach agreed to watch G (offered actually, thanks!) and I made a new route from her house. It was 4.4 miles (it felt like way more but I drove it afterwards and clocked it) and I want to say I ran about 4.2 of it... just not the last 3 blocks or so.

I have finally gotten over the three mile hump! I hope adding the rest of the mileage wont be as stressful in my head. My body could do it but my head kept saying no. Well I told my head that it wasnt giving myself enough credit today!

After running I came into a playdate at her house with some peeps I hadnt met yet... im sure I was an interesting site... VERY VERY SWEATY and red and hot and gross. But happy :) Wonder if they thought it was weird that I took a shower there... who cares!

That was followed by a quick lunch then accompanying Rach to her ultrasound to see the beautiful Davie (if Jonas gets his way with a name for his little sister!)... gorgeous and amazing!

Did some weights this evening. Ate a very yummy 5 point homemade pizza with fresh basil and mushrooms. Tonight Im going to try some of the pudding I froze... fingers crossed its yummy!

This weeks workout plan...
Sunday - 45 min elliptical DONE
Monday - 4 mile run/weight training DONE
Tuesday- 45 min elliptical
Wednesday - 4 mile run
Thursday - EARLY morning spin class
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 4 mile run with Nicole!

Here is too a good week... and no peeking at the scale until next sat!

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