Tuesday, July 13, 2010

who am I becoming?

Sometimes the person I am becoming is shocking to me. It has hit me several times today.

At work today I saw a nurse writing a note in a patients chart about an issue with the patients blood pressure and the note read "Christina Savage, CRNP notified of changes"... Im officially on the other side of the notes these days. Im the one they notify of changes. I am the one that has to fix the patient. It shocks me that all of my hard work and lost family hours getting through graduate school is paying off.

The same is true about the new and improved healthier me. I have so much more energy then I have ever had. I worked HARD today - I was very busy at work and I finished those 12 hours by rushing to pick up G, get him home and ready for bed and then immediately headed down to the workout room to get in 45 min on the elliptical.

Other good news.... I forgot my lunch today - so annoying. But I didnt let that get me down. Yes I went a few points over my daily points but I had them in the extra point bank to use. And I ate healthily all day -peanut butter muffin for breakfast, a salad with chicken and fruit for lunch, a small slice of cake (very small), half a plain turkey sandwich for dinner, my healthy 5 point pizza and a frozen 60cal pudding cup.

Tomarrow is a run day - up early, 4 miles. Here I come! After this week 4 miles will be behind me!

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