Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Im a runner!

Got out of bed after only hitting the snooze three times this morning -thats good for me! Immediately put my running gear on and headed out of the house before 630! It was alittle wet outside and threatenned to rain the entire time but all in all it was a great run.

It appears downtown aberdeen is pretty flat... not the best for training but makes a very enjoyable run! I mapped 4 miles but my nike+ said it was 3.77... I must have cut a corner somewhere ... or my nike + was off. I felt great after the run... sweaty, hot but not exhausted. I could have went farther. If I would have thought about it before I got home, I started and ended at the highschool - I should have ran a lap on the track to guarantee I hit the 4 miles. Either way I am past 3 miles - woohoo!

Looking forward to running with Nicole on saturday... and chatting afterwards! Wish she lived closer!

Today is deemed "Gavin day" by Gavin so it appears I will be playing ALOT of trains, swords and games. Tough life! We may even play in the rain - since the rain is ruining going to the fair again!

Tomarrow is the first EARLY spin class, first shower at the gym and first heading straight to work... hope it goes well!


  1. WOOHOO!! Congrats! I am SO happy for you and so jealous I didn't jump on your wagon the FIRST time it came by. I got on the treadmill this AM and made up a running schedule for myself. I think it's VERY do-able so hopefully by Sept I'll be where you are. Still haven't convinced myself to do the EARLY class tomorrow... but haven't said NO either.

  2. way to go on the 3.77! i really don't live that far from you by the way! im used to driving a lot to see people or to do anything so you are so not that far for me! can't wait to run on sat either! i got booted again from running at lunch because of work so im really bummed! I have to reach down deep inside and pull out some of that "Christina motivation" and get off my butt this evening when i get home so i can get a run or a workout in!