Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So so so tired...

But not giving in to it! I was so incredibly close to saying that Im not getting up early and working out before work ... but I realized there is no real reason not to. Yes Im sore, yes Im tired but I can suck it up and keep moving. Im sore but cycling uses different muscles. Im tired so I can go to bed early.

So everything is ready to go. My lunch is packed. My gym bag and work stuff is not only packed but already in the car!

Today had great moments and so so great moments. No real horrible ones though. My run didnt turn out as great as I would have liked but it was hot and yucky out but we tackled some major hills. Mountains practically!

On an awesome note - I went shopping today. Almost didnt find anything but at the last store found my dress... you will have to wait to see it though :) Thats not the awesome part though. I went to Macy's and had them measure me for bras. In January I wore a 42DDD... today I was a 38D... she said I was actually a 37 but they dont make that so I may be a 36 soon and she said I was really close to being a C...OMG I dont think I have been a C since 8th grade!

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