Sunday, September 26, 2010


Its sunday and my only day off :( uhhhh... so that means a ton needs to be done in a short period of time and I will feel like I have NO day off. Bummer.

Started the day off making pancakes for me and my little man. I made the fiber one pancakes... very mixed review. They were alittle blah but for four points they were very fluffy and filling. I think I could jazz them up big time next time - some raspberries or blueberries, maybe a banana. Gavin told me that they werent as good as the restaurant but good. haha

We have a jam packed day. We need to get up and moving. Promised I would buy G some new shoes that light up - boys, go figure! We also need a new vaccum since ours died. My house is a DISASTER. My poor dog has been ignored and needs some serious play time. Eric will be off work at 3 and I already reserved my alone time after he gets home to get my 10 mile run in. Then some much needed family time, maybe a walk at the promenade or the state park... its nice, crisp and cool outside!

And lastly I need to give big love and shout outs to my wonderful step mom. Tressa is 55 years old. Last year she did NO exercise. She was mildly overweight - nothing major but not fit. She decided to take control of her life and has become an amazing inspiration. She started to work out and that turned into wanting to bike. That turned into swimming. Then running. Now she has completed 3 triathalons this year (hitting the podium twice I think), she is planning a half marathon in November and her first half ironman (1 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13 mile run) in 3 weeks! Her body has completly changed, she looks SOOOO MUCH younger than she did before and Im sure her energy is through the roof... she inspires me every day!

This is Tressa on the left with my cousin Crystal on the right finishing a triathalon a few weeks ago. Crystal is amazing too but thats another post )

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