Thursday, September 16, 2010

Im up, im up...

My alarm seriously went off like 10 times this morning BUT I finally pushed myself out of bed and now Im up and moving. It didnt start getting light out until 620 this morning - so now its almost 7 since I didnt get up early enough but in about 1o min I will be heading out for my run... I will keep you all posted.. I am finishing this damn run today!

On a side note - of course I couldnt stay off the scale ALL week... I have a huge weakness for the scale. But Im happy to report that Im back to 157 so the 4.5 lbs I gained last week are gone and I still have 3 days until my official weigh in so I am hoping for 155 but that is possibly very wishful thinking. What normally happens is mid week I weigh myself and I do awesome so my mind takes over and I slack the rest of the week because 1. Im still so scared to actually succeed and 2. I act like deserve the treats from the hard work the first part of the week. Regardless I sabatage myself and barely lose a lb that week. No more!

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