Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feeling good!

I am feeling GREAT! Except the fact that I just realized I lost a "follower" of my blog today ... Im guessing they werent a fan :(

Other than that Im feeling AWESOME!

I sucked it up and went to the gym today for spin class. My favorite teacher Rose was teaching ... she kicks serious butt! And it was a new workout mix. My butt will be HURTING! But such a good hurt! I also started the process of signing up for swim lessons. They are working on dates and times and will be getting back to me but it looks like 2 will be next week followed by a third the following week. Hopefully I can get it after that... I hopeits worth it, I think it will be.

Today is a day with my little man - he is so much fun! He loves going to the gym with me, loves the daycare which helps! We played some games and colored. Now its play on your own time so I could check in here :) followed by lunch, napping (me too!) and heading to the pool after nap. Dinner is just the two of us tonight since Eric will be heading to his gym at dinner time for a class. Then I promised him we could have some wii time before bed. A great day! I need to get a walk in with my dog sometime tonight too once it cools off a bit and tonight will do my 30 day shred.

All in all a great day! Granted my house needs cleaned... maybe tomarrow!

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  1. Don't worry about people coming and going. Your blog is for YOU. :)