Monday, October 18, 2010

wow its early...

After giving myself such a good pep talk yesterday - its 6am and Im trying to wake up then Im heading to the gym for some swimming... hope the pool is warm!

edited at 7am...
ummm who would have thought soooo many people would have the same idea. No lanes open at the pool with a wait. Lesson learned - get there at 530 when they open or wait until the worker bee's head to work and bring regular workout clothes with you just in case so its not a waste of time!

Going to run during G's nap today. Every day off or almost every day will be a 5 mile run until training starts. Who on earth would have thought 2 days after the 1/2 that I would be ready for a run.... not me thats for sure!


  1. I am surprised to read there were so many others there at 6, especially since it is not January 2nd. :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. For me, just being awake and dressed at that hour is an accomplishment. Sounds like you're motivated! Don't blow off that run today and lose your momentum. Keep moving in the right direction!