Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bad good and GREAT

So the bad - I just couldnt get out of bed this morning so didnt make it to the gym before work this morning. Didnt get my weight workout in this evening either. By the time I got G to bed and settled it was almost 9pm and I hadnt eaten dinner yet so that won.

The good - my eating has been AWESOME today! I still have 3 points left for a small snack. I have stayed 100% on plan. I have carried my WW food journal thing in my back pocket and wrote down everything before it went into my mouth.

It feels so good (GREAT) to be getting back on track. I am very happy that I went back to WW. And I havent weighed myself today... Im going to give Rach my scale next time I see her so that Im not tempted. Im going to be a good girl and wait to be surprised during my meeting.

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