Saturday, November 6, 2010

Proud of me...

I have the house to myself tonight.

Old me...stop at fast food on the way home from work and get some french fries. Later either go get take out from the mexican place, sushi (not the healthy kind) or order a pizza (and throw away any left overs to "hide" my behavior. Open a bottle of wine and finish it. Lay around doing nothing and feel like crud... and alittle drunk... then open some icecream or make brownies and eat most of it.

Today's me ... as soon as I got home I went outside and played with my dog then took her for a walk. Dinner was baked tortilla chips topped with some black beans, WW cheese, jalapenos (taste just as good as take out mexican imo). Side of homemade fat free salsa and a touch of plain greek yogurt. Then I cleaned my living room, kitchen, dining room. Made homemade veggie lentil 1 point soup for the next few days. Went to target to do alittle xmas shopping for my son. Still want the icecream so got some laughing cow sandwiches and I will have ONE. Picked up a WW magazine that totally rejuvinates my desire to "do" this. Signed up for 9am spin class tomarrow morning. Going to watch a movie and go to bed semi early. No fast food, no take out, no full fat icecream, no alcohol. Stayed within my points value of 25 for the day.

Proud of me :) If I can just have more new me days then old me days and I will be on a roll!


  1. Doesn't that feel awesome!! Good for you! I so know what you mean! I am embarrassed by the old me!! :-)


    I so understand the 'old' you, been there, done that. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and you stayed on plan which makes it even better.

  3. Great job - you are justifiably proud of yourself!! :)

  4. All the changes - wonderful and good they are so welcome and accepted!