Saturday, November 6, 2010

saturday and home alone

Hubby decided last minute to visit his sister and take our little man. I got off work early today and Im off tomarrow.

SO its saturday night. Im free... and I have NOTHING to do... nada. I dont even have someone I would think of to call up and say hey want to do "x y z"... is that sad? And is it sad or awesome that Im so looking forward to the house to myself and me time... maybe even making some soup and getting some cleaning done? Im not sure if that is awesome or makes me alittle pathetic?


  1. I vote for awesome! Enjoy your alone time :)

  2. Ha - a night alone, with a bowl of soup and a good book or a good movie - sounds like heaven! :) I guess some people would call it pathetic. So those people should take themselves elsewhere and leave us to our books and our soup!

  3. Im going to up the dorkiness a bit - Im about to go pick up a movie from redbox... 17 again... nothing like a teenie bopper movie home alone at 30 years old. No wine though :( dont have the points left for it.