Friday, November 5, 2010

Rough night and hot 100 update

Yesterday was a great family day. Great workout day. HORRIBLE eating day!

I decided I would enjoy the dinner I was making and use my weekly extra points willy nilly and just stay within my daily points for the rest of the week. Hubby wanted my baked egg casserole for dinner. So I made that and sausage gravy, buscuits, fried potatoes. It was very yummy. Ice cream cake for dessert. Then as the night went on I couldnt stop eatting - hubby went out with some guy friends and I ate and ate and ate. I had 3 more buscuits and another piece of icecream cake and 3 diet soda's!

So when it was time to go to bed... my stomach felt HORRIBLE. I was gassy and full and felt so gross. I sleep on my stomach - only on my stomach. So needless to say I tossed and turned for HOURS last night. I last looked at the clock around 2am. And of course regardless my day starts at 745 since my kid has an internal alarm clock... no earlier no later... every day!

Im guessing my food last night was pretty high in sodium... my fingers feel very swollen. My newly sized engagement ring (my wedding ring was resized wrong and Im still waiting for it) - anyways the ring feels TIGHT. Felt fine last night so Im thinking I had alot of sodium yesterday.

Im annoyed with myself - I know how that behavior makes my body and mind feel but I still do it! uhhhh.

SO today it will be lots and lots of water to flush out this salt and I have a killer workout scheduled and back on plan.

For my Hot 100 update:
1. Lose one lb a week - not sure on this one yet. I officially went back to WW on tuesday and weighed in there. I decided I will only weigh in on their scale so next week I will post on this week if I lost or not. You can read all about why I went back on ww here and here.
2. Be better to my mind/body - I had some great workouts this week but skipped a few too... my goal next week is to do everything as I had planned. My swimming is slowly and painfully getting a bit better. I treated myself to a massage after the WW meeting too :)
3. Better family time - we have had some great family time this week. Yesterday was my hubbys bday and instead of going out and doing tons of stuff we all stayed home, cooked together, watched movies. It was nice.

How was your week?


  1. Everyone has those types of eating days! Today just start fresh and drink tons of water as you planned. Don't beat yourself up over it anymore. Move foward and look ahead!

  2. Oooooo a massage.....jealous. That sounds so nice. :)

  3. That sodium is awful! I hate that feeling of puffiness! Drink and be gone with it!

  4. That baked egg casserole sounds delicious, but yeah, sounds diet deadly. When I over so it at dinner I have arough night sleep too. Funny how I never realized that connection until I had lost some weight and put two & two together.

    Hhope this day is better and thekiller workout a killer :-)

    Nice Blog!

  5. Ugh, I know that feeling! :( Today is a new day, though - drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and veggies to counteract the bad stuff and get some exercise - you'll get back on track!

  6. I like the name of your 62 I am saying this has to be it this time...I would love being healthy the rest of my journey..reading your blog and escape from obesity.. and having the right mind sit...I pray I can say I did this!!

  7. I am finding out that salt is not my friend, at least not in combination with the scale. :-)

    I still think you had a great week. I love the success on #3!

  8. I'm so glad I finally made it over to your blog! So many hotties, so little time...
    I truly believe in getting massages, especially with working out regularly. Good for you for taking care of yourself.