Sunday, December 26, 2010

A woman with a plan....

Yup that woman is ME :)
I am HATING the way my body feels this month. I feel GROSS, sluggish, bloated, my joints hurt, my pants are snug, my belly is extra jiggly, I have no energy and want to sit around and do NOTHING.

So its time to get my butt in gear and today I sat and gave it a ton of thought and got a plan in motion.

First I did our family January schedule - you know how it is with two working parents and a preschooler. Who picks him up here, who takes him there, ect ect ect. While I did the January family schedule I went ahead and did my January workout and marathon training schedule too.

That calander is placed pretty much everywhere. We have one of those giant desk calendar that we use on the fridge for our family calendar and I put my workout plan on the corner of each day. I put another smaller monthly calander with just my workout schedule on it taped to my bathroom mirror. Another is in my planner that I keep in my purse. There is no excuse for not knowing what is planned on a specific day.

Did you see some of those longer runs? This schedule COMPLETELY freaks me out. Come January 14th - only a tad over two weeks from now - I cross over the thresh-hold of the longest run I have ever done, ever. With much more pleasureable running weather at that time! After that I am in the island of unknown. It is very very overwelming to me!

Next my diet... it SUCKS right now. I feel so so so so so gross. I cant get over how gross my body/blood/skin feels right now. Tomorrow morning I am back on plan. What I REALLY want to do is a 3 day shakeology cleanse. I plan to try it also for breakfast for a month - to see if they hype lives up to the real deal. Now having said that - I am a VERY high immediate gratification kind of gal. One of the moms in my playgroup is a beachbody coach and Im trying to get in touch with her to get my one month supply. I understand its a holiday. Not everyone is home like I am... but I WANT IT NOW... wow no wonder my kid is the way he is :) Shame I didnt think to do it a few weeks ago right after the holiday - I could have it here and ready. Having 6 days off now would be the best time to do a cleanse... but no, tomorrow is monday and Im back to work on Wednesday.

Anyways thats my story and Im sticking to it.

Dreading the gym come the first - but it is what it is.


  1. You're not alone, hon - there are so many of us in the same boat right now it's not even funny! We'll all get back on track now that Christmas is over - we've all come to far to quit now!

  2. You could always join Beach body and then I think you get 25% off any orders. It's free to join until the end of the month... I've been thinking about it myself... since it's free and all. That is a scary plan... 14.. 15 miles.... ugh! That's great you have your plan in place! Hey - with all that exercise - you're bound to losoe weight!!! You'd have to!

  3. Amy after my half marathon I ATE and ATE and ATE - I was starving ... worried that all the long runs will be like that!

  4. I was just peeking around your blog. Congrats on your accomplishments and running! That is great! I am trying to become a runner myself. I already know I enjoy it, I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Good luck with your training schedule, you can do it!

  5. Love the training schedule. I have one at home and at my office and it keeps me on track. Don't forget to fuel right after a long run so you don't feel hungry all day (and want to snack). I drink half a bottle of low fat chocolate milk and fruit. It does the trick for me. Great blog - I am following now!