Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Operation 149 day 2... take 2!

Yup this is my second post today. I have had a pretty awesome day today!

First I got G off to preschool and headed to the gym. Yesterday I ran and typically I dont run two days in a row BUT I was in running mode so why not? Its not like I was super sore or anything... SO I hit the treadmill. I ran 70 min straight ranging in speed of 5.2 to 5.6. Then I did 5 one-minute speed intervals at 8 (7:30min/mile) then did 5 one-minute hill intervals with the incline at 7 and the speed at 5. So a total of about 90-100 min. I was a sweaty mess... it felt AWESOME! When I was doing my speed work I even had people come up and comment on how great I was doing. It rocked!

Oh and my weight at the gym today 152.8... so 3.9 lbs in this two week challange would be AWESOME!

I was starving after that but did good - went to my favorite coffee place and instead of getting the awesome homemade scone I really wanted.... I got a coffee with soy milk and a small fruit salad!

After getting G, feeding him and putting him down for a nap - I enjoyed a LONG HOT bubble bath... soooo nice, and quiet!

I had a super special midwife appointment today - I got my IUD out...that is a HUGE step for us. We arent ready to offically start trying - not until March but not its 100% a definate that we will be trying! I also start prenatal vitamins and come March will have to wean off my favorite med ever - my antidepressant.

Made a super healthy, super yummy dinner of speghetti squash, sauted mushrooms, ground turkey and speghetti sauce... yummy!

After dinner we built a gingerbread house and watched rudolphe (sp?) - wonderful family evening.

Now Im waiting for the biggest loser finale to start. I have already prepped for tomorrow - I have to work 12 hours tomorrow so my lunch, dinner and snacks are packed. I have to make my gym bag. Im going to attempt to go after work tomorrow - I only need to do weight training, maybe 30 min of cardio. Not to difficult. I have all the stuff to do it at home but I dont - I do SOOOO much better at the gym!

Todays Food and Points
8am almond butter/banana on english muffin 5.5 points
11am coffee with soy milk and fruit salad 1 point
1230 egg white/cheese sandwich on english muffin and apple slices 6 points
4pm banana 0points
6pm speghetti squash, turkey, mushrooms, sauce 7points
7pm 3 cookies 4 points
8pm fruit roll up 2 points
25.5 points - have 3.5 left over for one more snack :)

Tomorrows planned meals
630am egg white/cheese on english muffin and grapefruit 6 points
10am banana 0points
1pm left over speghetti squash dish 7points
3pm apple slices 0 points
5pm 100cal cottage cheese fruit thing 3points
7pm 4 oz baked chicken with steamed veggies 4 points
20 points - I will have a cup of coffee or two with lite creamer so thats 2 points and that will leave me a post workout 7 points unless I eat something else during the day.

And yes I gave myself times already for my meals for tomorrow - I have to have an idea in my head when I will be eating each thing I bring. It may not happen as scheduled but it makes me feel better and more in control of my hunger and food.

How did your day go?
I promise some more pics soon :)

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