Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Operation 149 day 2!

So yesterday I was right on with my points. Today restarts my extra weekly points - yaaa!

I went back and forth and back and forth about trying to get to weigh in today - I really should. But it isnt going to happen - its about 20 miles away and Im just not getting up that way today. There is snow on the ground :) and I need to get G to preschool and get my workout in during that 2 1/2 hour break I get. So I will weigh myself at the gym today - not the same scale but oh well.

So my plans for today - another jam packed kind of day. Taking G to school and heading straight to the gym - planning to run 70 min straight this time and then 20-30 min of drills. I wanted to spin today but my pinkie hurts and worried gripping the bike will hurt so Im running again today. Then it will be time to go back into mommy mode. I also REALLY need to get some cleaning done today. Figure out what to cook for dinner thats healthy and yummy - any suggestions??? Then promised G if he is good we will decorate our gingerbread house tonight and maybe a short xmas family movie night.

We wanted to do those last two last night but G was NOT having a good night - he cried and threw a fit over EVERYTHING.. needless to say he went to bed very early.

So the tip of my right pinky is nicely purple and swollen and very sore :(

I love a good challange - I do so much better when I set big challanges for me. So dont be surprised if there are multiple post daily as I work through the challange. I almost alway make it though!

So two questions this am -
1. What active things are you doing today?
2. What are you making for dinner?


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  1. Ok - I didn't make it to the gym today. I didn't even make it to work - I am still coughing up crap. The illness is acting like a virus, so I don't think getting a script for antibiotics is going to do one bit of good - it's just taking me a little longer to shake this one. But eating is good so far - a bagel thin, two small oranges and a LOT of water. We'll see how I feel this afternoon.

    And hooray for multiple posts - I'm reading blogs between naps, so I'll be following you!