Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Operation 149 day 3!

So far so good!

This will be quick - I need to get ready for work and get G up and ready for daycare and both of us out the door by 715! uhhhh hate these mornings!

So alittle disappointed in the biggest loser last night - compared to previous finales it seemed disorganized and most didnt look as good as I expected them to.

Regardless - last night I became motivated and registered for my first marathon! There is NO turning back now. It is soooo much more real! I wasnt going to register until after the holidays but the half was almost full and needed to sign up hubby so I went ahead and did both of our registrations. Wish I would have done it a bit sooner though - the hotel department didnt go as smoothly... my first 10 choices were fully booked already...uhhhh... but we are booked. Paid if full with no refunds... like I said No turning back now!

A small little part in my head said well if I "accidently" get pregnant then I dont have to run the marathon... I was giving myself an out. We all know that if I got pregnant it wouldnt have been an accident! Yes I want to be pregnant NOW but waiting 3 months isnt going to change anything but will allow me to accomplish something amazing.

So needless to say I am very happy I registered and Im psyched!


  1. Good luck on the marathon and on getting pregnant. I was just looking at your goals that you have accomplished and you rock. I'm working on getting in shape enough so I can run my first marathon. Never done anything like that before but it gives me something to work towards.

  2. When is the marathon? If it's not TOO far away you can still run it, I think. Good luck on getting pregnant!

  3. Which marathon are you doing? You know, if you get pregnant and you're in good overall health and there are no pregnancy-related issues there's no reason not to run/walk the marathon. I'm going to have to do that at Disney since my training has been sabotaged so much, I think, and I'm okay with it. I'll finish, anyway!

  4. Wow, that's huge. I hope you get to run the marathon before you get pregnant, so you can safely accomplish both. Even if you do get pregnant earlier, well it's still a win for you. Good luck!